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When You’re Tired of Dry, Itchy Eyes

Dry eye disease is a progressive condition that can leave your eyes feeling gritty, dry, and uncomfortable. Dry eyes are often caused by your eyes not producing enough tears, or that your tears are too low quality to keep your eyes moisturized. Without proper treatment, dry eyes can lead to long-term complications, infections, and even corneal scarring.

If your dry eyes are bothering you and you’re looking for relief, we can help. Please, book your appointment today with us at Total Vision Encinitas, formerly known as Pacific View Eyecare Center, to help you manage your dry eye disease.

Causes of Dry Eye Disease

There are many reasons behind your uncomfortable, gritty eyes. Ultimately, dry eye disease is a direct result of insufficient or inadequate tears. Without an ample supply of good quality tears, your eyes cannot lubricate themselves, leaving them feeling irritated.

The tear film is the layer of tears that spreads across your eyes as they blink, keeping them lubricated and comfortable. The tear film is responsible for washing away bacteria, focusing light, and of course, moistening your eyes with each blink.

The tear film is made up of 3 layers; oil, mucus, and water. If 1 layer is out of balance, your eyes will feel dry.

Although poor tear quality is often the culprit behind dry eyes, many external factors can worsen symptoms. These include:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Skin & eyelid disorders
  • Medications
  • Climate

Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease

If you have dry eye disease, the symptoms are often hard to miss. They include:

  • Stinging, burning eyes
  • Excessive amounts of mucus
  • Increased light sensitivity
  • Red or pink eyes
  • Discomfort wearing contact lenses
  • Difficulty driving at night
  • Eye fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Overly watery eyes

Treating Dry Eye

For short-term, temporary relief from dry eyes, consider purchasing some over-the-counter artificial tears for dry eyes. Avoid eye drops for redness, as they can cause dependence. You can also adjust your diet to include some specific vitamins and minerals to promote natural, healthy tear production.

Many different treatments can help soothe your dry eyes and bring you relief. When you visit us at Total Vision Encinitas, formerly known as Pacific View Eyecare Center, we’ll assess your eyes to determine the root cause of your symptoms and prescribe an appropriate treatment. If you’re experiencing dry eyes, please, give us a call to book you in for an appointment.

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